The Course

No one should tell you how to parent your child.
I believe you know how you want to parent, but keep getting emotionally triggered and stuck in a cycle that brings you back to yelling, arguing, and punishing again and again.

You are the expert on your child.
My job is to bring you methods, skills, and a new perspective to enhance your expertise. Stop Reacting & Start Responding: The Course does just that.
The Course shows parents how to correct behavior while connecting, so they can communicate calmly yet firmly, and with authority instead of yelling. All of which creates respect, listening, cooperation, self-reliance, and increases self-esteem.
It took you 9 months to deliver your precious child, now you can deliver your parenting transformation by participating in our 9-month membership program.

The Course is built for busy parents like you!
Each month, for 9 months, one piece of curriculum becomes available, it’s either a set of audios, or a PDF, or both. You're never given too much information at one time, because gaining too much information at once can make you feel pressured and cause you to repeat the cycle of yelling, arguing, and punishing all over again!

Every month shows you how to apply a calm intuitive authority, which represents safety for your child, inspiring them to learn and grow.
Take a look to find out what’s in each month.

The Course includes these courses

The Course ~ Month #1: Clarity Replaces Yelling
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The Course ~ Month #2: Radio Coaching Shows (a)
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The Course ~ Month #3: Yelling Game Changers Resource Guide
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The Course ~ Month #4: What's Up with Attitude & Outbursts
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The Course ~ Month #5: Being Heard Instead of Arguing
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The Course ~ Month #6: Reacting vs Responding • The Difference
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