taught by Sharon Silver

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Sharon Silver
Sharon Silver

About the instructor

Sharon Silver is a parent educator, an author, a speaker and most importantly a mom. She has been helping parents transform their parenting by shifting from reacting to responding for over 25 years. Her book Stop Reacting and Start Responding has been read by parents in over 92 countries.

Month #4: What’s Up with the Attitude & Outbursts?

Nothing causes chaos faster than when an attitude morphs into an outburst! This seminar, and detailed handbook, address what causes an attitude, and the words parents can use to stop it in its tracks—before it explodes into an outburst. This seminar also covers what happens when you find yourself in the middle of an outburst and feel pressured to react in order to restore the peace, and what to do instead.
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Month #4: What's Up with the Attitude & Outbursts?