taught by Sharon Silver

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Sharon Silver
Sharon Silver

About the instructor

Sharon Silver is a parent educator, an author, a speaker and most importantly a mom. She has been helping parents transform their parenting by shifting from reacting to responding for over 25 years. Her book Stop Reacting and Start Responding has been read by parents in over 92 countries.

Month #1: Clarity Replaces Yelling

This month’s curriculum goes into great detail about what sparks your yelling
by taking you through a series of questions that help you uncover what your particular triggers are, and how to deal with them.

You’ll learn how to maintain your authority without yelling, so your child(ren) clearly understand more about their behavior, themselves, and the rules in your home. You’ll learn how choices, silence, and specific phrases work together to teach, instead of punish. Included are swipe conversations in each section
to support you as this becomes second nature.

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Course Contents

1 Text
7 Audios