taught by Sharon Silver

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Sharon Silver
Sharon Silver

About the instructor

Sharon Silver is a parent educator, an author, a speaker and most importantly a mom. She has been helping parents transform their parenting by shifting from reacting to responding for over 25 years. Her book Stop Reacting and Start Responding has been read by parents in over 92 countries.

Premium Bonus #1: Development or Misbehavior? (ages2-13)

When a child is the middle of a developmental phase you're never sure if the behavior is due to development or misbehavior? This premium bonus shows you how to work with development, not against it, by sharing the quirks and attitudes that look like misbehavior, but are actually more developmentally based. Having that knowledge helps to reduce yelling and power struggles and allows you to support your child so they feel more secure with themselves, now that they have this new point of view. This like everything else is for ages 2-13.

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